Is Learning Music Online Any Good?


Published on April 15, 2020

    To learn music is to learn a whole new language

Music is an art form and learning any kind of art takes great patience and dedication. Music is what makes us want to dance when the times are dark; it is what helps us get through our hardest days, which is why a lot of us love it and pursue it as a hobby. So if you’re thinking to start learning music as a hobby, know this, that it has many benefits, and thanks to modern-day technology, along with education, learning music has also become an online process. 

So, whenever we hear “online music lessons for beginners”, the first thing that comes to our mind is - "can we really learn music online, and is it any good?" Well, one thing's for sure that online music academies are becoming popular among beginners rapidly, from Violin classes online based on Indian music to online Guitar classes based on western music, even vocal classes are now becoming available online. Amidst all this, some still believe it is impossible to learn music online so here’s a detailed list of pros and cons of learning Music online to consider before you register for that online music lessons you have always wanted to take.

An old notion that music can’t be learned online

  • Pros: The first question popping up in our heads is “is it possible to learn music online ?” but as the era of technology is here, a belief like this is now only an old notion. Nowadays that even education has become an online process, the online music learning process shouldn’t be questioned either. Not only are there a lot of video calling facilities but also there are many online music academies for beginners who offer Violin classes online, Guitar classes online etc.

  • Cons: A lot of Indian music teachers still oppose online music schools which may cause students to lose confidence in them. If a beginner decides to learn music online, then parents and teachers need to change their age-old perspectives.

Availability of music teachers and courses

  • Pros: When you learn music online means you won’t have to compromise on the exact style of music you want to learn, e.g. if you want to learn Violin and can’t find any teacher close to your home you can just search for Violin classes online. You can find courses like our online beAmusician courses to learn music in the easiest way.

  • Cons: Since there’s a vast range of teachers and courses available in the online music academies for beginners, try not to get puzzled. You will have to know exactly what you want to learn and will have to decide which professional you want to take classes from.

Note: you can contact beAmusician team in case any guidance is required in selecting the course or instrument for you and our experts will be happy to help you start on your musical journey. 

Music Instruments in online classes

  • Pros: You won’t have to carry your musical instruments. Suppose you are taking Violin classes online you don’t need to worry about damaging your instruments. You can play your own instrument at home simultaneously while the teacher plays theirs. It is easier to learn that way.

  • Cons: Your teacher will have to give you proper instructions on how to play your instrument or how to exactly hold your instrument since they can’t physically show you the little details but communicating with them will solve this.

Online Music lessons as a beginner

  • Pros:  How often do we forget lessons if we don’t practice them immediately after learning? Well, in online courses beginners can just record them and rectify them later on whenever needed. They can re-watch pre-recorded video classes over and over again to learn thoroughly. This is one of the main benefits you’ll get when you learn music online. There are many online music courses for beginners which even allow their students to watch uploaded classes, just like in our courses where we provide weekly recorded content to learn from and live classes to clarify doubts and queries

  • Cons: Students should pay attention in class even if the materials are accessible anytime. And at the same time, teachers need to communicate decently with the help of various apps and online music teaching websites that are available so that beginners can avoid any misunderstandings.

Travel or commutation time

  • Pros: No traveling is required. So it is highly convenient and even if the music teacher you want to learn with isn't living in your same city or you are living in a foreign country, you can still learn Indian music as a hobby. You can save transportation money too. So location or transportation will not be an issue so you won’t have to unnecessarily miss classes.

  • Cons: None.

Flexible timings to learn music 

  • Pros: Consider this, that timing is also a big benefit you get when you learn music online. Since it doesn’t require traveling, it has flexible hours and rescheduling classes is easy. You can just take out some time for yourself and attend classes; neither will you have to miss your important office meeting nor stifle your hobby just because you have a job. It also means you get more time to practice your lessons as a beginner.
  • Cons: None. Online music academies for beginners keep in mind that we are all busy in our lives, and we take music as a hobby, so classes have to have flexibility yet there is no need to compromise, so from this perspective it is best to learn music online.

Learning Music theory

  • Pros: Knowing a bit of music theory is important even if music is a hobby, e.g. notes and chords of Guitar. When you learn music online you will get the theories of whatever kind of music you learn, through PDF files. So you can download them and read them whenever you get time. You won’t have to jot down notes throughout the class or worry about whether you missed something in class.
  • Cons: You will have to make a soft copy of your theoretical homework and submit it via email to your teacher.



Should you learn music online?

Kids under 10 years of age

Not recommended to Learn Music Online. 

As kids, it is difficult to build up a certain level of motivation and attention in online classes.

Kids 10 to 15 years of age

Somewhat recommended to Learn Music Online. 

With some level of maturity and self-learning ability, kids up to 15 years may consider learning online after analysing the above-discussed factors.

High school and college students

Strongly recommended to Learn Music Online. 

Online music lessons would give young adults the time flexibility to learn music easily keeping up with the academic schedule. 

Adults and Working Professionals

Very Strongly recommended to Learn Music Online. 

Online music lessons are best suited for adults and working professionals as it is the most efficient way for them.

Final thoughts

The classes that online music academies for beginners provide are almost indistinguishable from offline traditional classes. The biggest difference is that you and your teacher will be in different locations, which is more of a plus point since circumstances can be difficult at times like when there’s a pandemic going on. But offline classes are advised to those who are trying to find a career in music. On the other hand, those who are taking music as a hobby can easily learn music online. Taking Violin classes or online Guitar classes set up a video call, Skype, Zoom call, and learning from a comfortable home environment. It would be easy and helpful in pursuing your hobby. With all these points in mind, also consider all the factors above will not always matter but depending on your circumstances you can take online classes. That said, if you are a passionate beginner trying to decide which instrument to choose or how to enrol and learn music online, don’t hesitate to contact us and check out our online Guitar, Violin, Tabla, and keyboard learning courses at beAmusician.