10 reasons why YOU should Learn Music ONLINE

Benefits of Learning Music Online

Originally published May 2, 2020

Key factors like learning at your own place, convenient time, expert guidance etc have given a tremendous boost to learning music online

In times where we want to do everything online, learning music is not left behind. There is sudden increase in the demand for learning music online across the world and there is a reason for such boom in online music learning market. Apart from the fact that technological advancement has made the high-speed internet available, here are some of the reasons from learning perspective which proves that learning music online can actually make a big difference. Here are some of the advantages and benefits which will make you want to learn music online:

1. Availability of Teachers:

You are no longer restricted to your local area to find good teachers. Most of the time student is not able to achieve his full potential due to lack of knowledgeable teachers in locality. Learning online will help you select your teacher or courses, not based on nearest location but on the talent and knowledge of the teacher.

2. Practice immediately after the class:

One of the most important thing about learning music online is that you can practice what you have learnt immediately right after the class when the memory is still fresh, learning environment is set and energy levels are high. This highly productive time is usually wasted up traveling while learning at an offline class.

3. Recorded lessons:

You can always refer back to the recorded online lessons for future reference which is not possible while learning at offline classes. This solves lot of problems related to repeating topics at physical classes to get a clear understanding. 

4. Convenience:

Another important advantage is that you get to learn music as per your convenience and not as per the classes schedule. You don’t have to be stuck in traffic every week to reach far of place, in turn, you can utilise that time to practice before taking the next class.

5. Increased student performance:

A study indicates that students learn 22% more effectively in an online class as compared to offline class. This means that you learn content of 5 offline classes in just 4 online sessions.

6. Quality of learning:

Quality of learning improves while learning music online. Quality of class enhances as you can select the instrument or course based on your preferred genre, level, learning time and interests. Learning music from the right teacher helps you learn quickly and more efficiently. It is very important to know the right techniques from very beginning and avoid fundamental mistakes like holding your instrument incorrectly or developing a wrong posture while practicing.

7. Learning at practice place:

It is very convenient for teacher to identify some problems if you are learning at a place that at which you practice rather than in classrooms. Sometimes student is not able to progress even after practicing everyday and the problem does not lie in how he or she learns but how they practice. Playing at lower decibel levels, wrong posture, wrong setup of the instruments or similar problems might be the cause of limited progress which are easily identified by the teachers if the teacher is able to see you at your Practice place.

8. Warm up before the class:

Before class, you can warm up and be prepared by recalling previous class' topics. This will enable you to learn more rather than wasting time going over previous topics during the class. Also warming up let students show the skills practiced over a week in the best way instead of playing with limping and uneased limbs. 

9. Less off-task behaviour and distractions: 

Study has shown that there is 36% more distraction in physical face-to-face learning as compared to virtual learning. This off-task behaviour is mostly due to distractions occurred at the learning place. Learning music online not only showed less off-task behaviour but also more eye contact occurred signifying learning with concentration. 

10. Progress Tracking:

To improve as a musician it is very important to keep a record of daily progress. Why not upgrade with technological advancement and start using it to learn and practice music. It is comparatively easy to keep a track of topics covered and progress made over the duration of the online course as most of the courses are of shorter duration and has fixed learning outcome and objective which you should be able to attain after completion of the course. 

Hope these advantages help you to make your decision. Online Music learning has got such a huge momentum at a global level. We have tried to analyse and summarise the most important advantages of learning online. At the same time we would like to inform you we are not criticising learning at offline classes. It has its perks too if you get a good teacher. But if you compare the overall online and offline music learning environment, learning music online has better advantages and stands a clear winner. Your inputs and feedbacks are welcome anytime to help us enhance our music learning platform - beamusician.in further.

      If  you compare the overall online and offline music learning environment, learning music online has better advantages and stands a clear winner. Your inputs and feedbacks are welcome anytime to help us enhance our music learning platform - beamusician.in further.